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After taking a deep dive in the world of electronic music Erich turned his interest to the dj profession in 2006. After a few, smaller radio appereances he debuted on the legendary Proton Radio (USA) in October 2009. He reached numerous top list positions on the channel, which resulted a 5-year exclusive contract with Proton in the beginning of 2010: he had the chance to release a mix album each year called Relations. Along with the contract Erich started a monthly show here, under the same name as his mix series. Later he earned residency on Digitally Imported (USA), Golden Wings Music Radio (ARG), DNA FM (ARG), NUBE FM (ARG), (POL) too. He's been spinning tracks regularly on other stations as well like Frisky Radio (USA), JustMusic FM (HUN) and Radio1 (HUN). He is the co-founder and manager of Stellar Fountain Records (Stellar Fountain, Stellar Black, Stellar Limited), which he estabilished and run together with MiraculuM (Udvardy Gyorgy) and Greyloop (Nemeth Gergő) since the summer of 2011. He began producing in 2010. After acquiring enough knowledge he began to write tracks, and fulfill remix requests. He has been supported and played by well-known names, like Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Cid Inc, Soundexile, Solid Stone, Fernando Ferreyra and more. Besides some great shows around Budapest, Amsterdam, Madrid, Berlin and Malta, Erich has also debuted on the biggest festivals of Europe like Exit Festival in Serbia, Sziget Festival and Ozora Festival in Hungary, and Bloque Festival in Greece. He got the opportunity to play live with his biggest influences Hernan Cattaneo 3 and Nick Warren 4 times, and do the warmup on Lost & Found, The Soundgarden, Global Underground and Sudbeat events....


Discography: 3rd Avenue, Axon, Balkan Connection, Balkan Connection South America, Black Hole Recordings, Bonzai Progressive, Clinique, Consapevole Recordings, Dopamine Music, Dopamine White, Embliss Records, Evocative, Forward Music, Hookah Records, Hot Cue Music, ICONYC, Itom Records, Light Side Music, lorenZOO, Massive Harmony, MNL, Modern Agenda, Moussaieff Records, Nordic Voyage Recordings, One Of A Kind, Particles, Per-vurt Records, Proton Compiled & Mixed, Ready Mix Records, Re:vibe Audio, SexOnWax, SoulArt, Soundteller Records, Spring Tube, Star Dive, Stellar Fountain, Suffused Music, System Recordings, Techno Vinyls Records, Underground Music Records, Visceral.... 


Around Secret

Around Secret

Secret Location, Budapest
Lineup: TBA


Around X PaviloN

Around X PaviloN

PaviloN, Budapest
Lineup: Erich Von Kollar, Kornwall




Cinema Hall, Budapest
Lineup: TBA




Cinema Hall, Budapest
Lineup: TBA




CHART - August 2023

01Stan Tone Feat. Dasha Zarya - Ples [RADI MIRA I LUBVI]
02One Million Toys - AiMan (Jamie Stevens Golden Return) [Digital Structures]
03Amonita - Uletai [Shanti Radio]
04Gai Barone & Micah Paul Lukasewich - Starshines [The Soundgarden]
05pumbum - One Heart (Max Wexem Remix) [SkyTop]
06Trilucid - Calling [UV]
07Polo (AR) - Honest Arrogance [Tale & Tone]
08Jiminy Hop - Evima [Bekool]
09Kamilo Sanclemente - Away [Freegrant Music]
10Dofamine - Phono [Univack]
11ANUQRAM - System Change (Djimboh Remix) [Where The Shadow Ends]
12Ale Russo - True Colors (Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor Vision) [Loot Recordings]
13Pole Folder - Par-Dessus Les Toits [Reworck]
14Michael A - Lunar Horizon [Genesis Music]
15GMJ - Bayen [Meanwhile Horizons]
16MiraculuM - Constellation (Erich Von Kollar Remix) [Stellar Fountain]
17Different Ray & Davka - Los Baos [YION]
18Alex O'Rion - Cuba Libre [Solis Records]
19Wassu - Omie [Kiksuya]
20Fran Garay - Illusion [Mango Alley]

CHART - July 2023

01Tim Green - Jewel [All Day I Dream]
02Arteforma - Osmosi (Dulus Remix) [3rd Avenue]
03Ricardo Angeles - Ney Maasai [TOR]
04Foreign Movies Feat. Tarayah - Inside Me (Oliver & Tom Remix) [Intu Music]
05Ranta & Miroshin & Matur - Katara [Journey Of The Soul]
06Davi - Always [Bedrock]
07Berni Turletti - Prana Vayu [EDGE]
08Maz (BR) & Apache & Maxi Meraki Feat. Tabia - Nothing On Me [Abracadabra]
09Paul Thomas - Lumineux (Integral Bread Remix) [Univack]
10Dave Pad - Tie Zerq [Hoomidaas]
11TJIG (The Journey & Ivan Gough) - You (Ric Niels Remix) [UGENIUS]
12DJ Ruby - Voltron [La Foresta]
13Rikk Earth - Never Fall (Alberto Hernandez (MX) Remix) [Stellar Fountain]
14Ruben Karapetyan - Erectheum [Meanwhile]
15Dodeca - Voie [Flug Lab]
16Taleman - Be Okey [The Purr]
17Max Wexem - Vzletay [SkyTop]
18Serge Landar - Gust (Sam Scheme & Jiminy Hop Remix) [Shambhala Music]
19Alej Ch - In My Head [Telematique]
20Chris Zippel & Tim Angrave - Dhere (Meeting Molly Remix) [Maldesoule]

CHART - June 2023

01Dark But Gray & Pandhora - Signs (Hernan Cattaneo & Marcelo Vasami Remix) [Art Vibes]
02Sébastien Léger - KissShower [Lost Miracle]
03pumbum - Simple Question (Madraas Remix) [SkyTop]
04Gorje Hewek & DJ Kane - Life It Is (Revision) [Peace Symphonies]
05Orsen - Afterlight [Replug]
06Lisandro (AR) & Lucas Zárate - Feel With You [Flug Lab]
07Ruben Karapetyan - Amberd (DJ Ruby Remix) [3rd Avenue]
08Florian Gasperini - Les Feuilles Mortes [Stellar Fountain]
09Voices Of Valley - No Time [Steyoyoke]
10MUUI - Magnetic Beings (Greg Ochman Remix) [Random Rec]
11Augusto Dassano - Splitter [Mango Alley]
12Billion Watсhers - Dobrynia [Polyptych]
13Matias Fittipaldi - Alas (Akira Remix) [Souksonic]
14Bodaishin & Lupe Republic - Ethereal Memories [Animo Records]
15Molac & Nicolas Viana - Stygian [Elebated Records]
16Rockka & Gru V - Closer (Vitaly Shturm Remix) [Massive Harmony]
17Maris - Kingdom of Lights (Stranger Tourists Remix) [Dialtone Records]
18Max Wexem - Midnight Rhapsody [Amulanga]
19Steven McCreery - Interference (Ewan Rill Remix) [Sudbeat]
20TEELCO & Maze 28 - Sky City [For Senses]

CHART - May 2023

01Dmitry Molosh - Flaws [Deepwibe Underground]
02Molac - La Rumba (JFR Remix) [Musique de Lune]
03Maz (BR) & JP Castro Feat. Luke Coulson - All For You (Vešča Remix) [Shanti Radio]
04Khen - Florida [Closure]
05Raw Main - Citadelle [Lost Miracle]
06Emi Galvan - Around the World [Replug]
07Krasa Rosa & Ranta & Miroshin - Kolybelnaya [Melody Of the Soul]
08Valeria Petz - Meraki [Nature Rec.]
09Seismal D & Ashmere - Lovers [Steyoyoke]
10Taylan - Nectar (Berni Turletti Remix) [Beatfreak Recordings]
11Felix Raphael Feat. Huaira - Rising Suns [3000 Grad Records]
12Alan Cerra - Leap Of Faith (Tonaco Remix) [Transensations Records]
13Cloaked - Tigmiza (Covsky & FRAIS Remix) [MNL]
14Kabi (AR) - Just A Matter Of Time [PlattenBank]
15Mindlancholic - Lost In Ica [Nova Mova]
16Jiminy Hop - A Tour [Shambhala Music]
17Thomas Compana - Keep Progress (East Cafe Remix) [Embliss Records]
18TEELCO & Maze 28 - Life (Alternative Mix) [Saturo Sounds]
19Guy Gordon - Autumn (René Diehl Remix) [Inner Symphony]
20Allex - Bonanza [Univack]

CHART - April 2023

01Molac & Different Ray - Flight Trails [Telematique]
02Ilias Katelanos & Plecta - Mystic Paths [Where The Shadow Ends]
03Elliot Moriarty - When Path's Becomes Clear (Monojoke Remix) [Stellar Fountain]
04Jiminy Hop & Dofamine - Yoke [Meanwhile Horizons]
05Tamir Regev & SANDHAUS - Breath It Out [Silver Joe]
06Sudhaus & The Wash - Spectron (DJ Ruby Remix) [Mango Alley]
07Lisandro (AR) - Strength [Songuara]
08Dodeca - Secreto (Vandelor Remix) [Bekool]
09Above & Beyond - Surge (PROFF & Igor Garanin Remix) [Anjunadeep]
10DJ Zombi - Everything Nice This Morning [Moments]
11Den Macklin - Above The Stars (Taleman Remix) [For Senses]
12Whoriskey - Save Yourself (Ruben Karapetyan Remix) [JOOF Recordings]
13Ranta & Miroshin - Sogrevai [Melody Of the Soul]
14Mario Franca - Wuza [Nordic Voyage Recordings]
15Jim Rider - Hairy Mary's Apothecary [All Day I Dream]
16Sebastian Haas - Hail The Wind [Freegrant Music]
17Stae - The Note For Your Arp [The Soundgarden]
18John Cosani - Power Pink [Sudbeat]
19St.Ego - Midnight Vibrations [Be Adult]
20Shayan Pasha - Beyond The Vision (Jhordan Welsch Remix) [Polyptych]

CHART - March 2023

01Gorje Hewek & Hernan Cattaneo & Dulus - Kaleidoscope [Watergate]
02Volen Sentir & Makebo - Into The Stars [Lost Miracle]
03pumbum - Retreat (PROFF's Respray) [SkyTop]
04Tim Green - Eteri [Balance]
05Chicola & Yoav - Dear Kobe [Moments]
06Bodai - Brave (Adrian Font Remix) [Where The Shadow Ends]
07Mauro Masi & Brian David - Star Mind (Minnado Remix) [Stellar Fountain]
08Ric Niels - Phantom [Mango Alley]
09Jiminy Hop - Colatrix (Matter Remix) [Meanwhile]
10Distic Feat. Elly Ball - Sun & Skin (Molac Remix) [Keyfound]
11Weird Sounding Dude - Blue Water Lily [La Foresta]
12Donatello - Indigo [Bekool]
13Cloaked - Desiring Machine [One Of A Kind]
14Alberto Hernandez (MX) - Thinking About You [Tale & Tone]
15Kebin Van Reeken - Hypnotize [Univack]
16Andrea Cassino & Lio Q - Asante (Evegrem Remix) [AH Digital]
17East Cafe - In Transit [Embliss Records]
18MUUI - Against an Impulse [Songspire]
19Cahelo - Bananaquit [Art Vibes Music]
20Federico Monachesi - Emerald Lake [Belong To Label]

CHART - February 2023

01Planet Funk - Chase The Sun (Makebo Remix) [Shanti Radio]
02Inámo Feat. Niña Indigo - La Llama (Super Flu Remix) [trueColors]
03Michael A - Aeon [Proton Music]
04Facundo Losardo - Way Back [For A Memory]
05Soulfeed - Peak Story (Simply City Remix) [3rd Avenue]
06Analog Jungs - Mind [Mango Alley]
07Modd & Lisandro (AR) - Silmarillion [Do Not Sit On The Furniture]
08Armen Miran & Pambouk - Aware [Hoomidaas]
09Mariano Mellino - El Beso De La Luna [Sprout]
10St.Ego - Moments (Niko Garcia & Van Vazquez Remix) [Stellar Fountain]
11Cream - Ground Zero (Luman & Emi CA Remix) [Consapevole]
12Jack Lazarus - Summer Sky [The Purr]
13Taleman - Kung Fu for Peace [Amulanga]
14DOT - Fluorescent Flowers (Edu Schwartz Remix) [Future Avenue]
15Mode Apart - Time [Univack]
16Rauschhaus - If I Had Wings [YION]
17Ricardo Angeles - Kids Playing [Peace Symphonies]
18Mauro Masi & Brian David - Opardo [Zenebona]
19Erich Von Kollar - Childhood Dreams [Nordic Voyage Recordings]
20Radical Fantasy - Larus [Circle of Life]

CHART - January 2023

01Gorje Hewek, Makebo & Amonita - Never Been [Shanti Radio]
02M.O.S. & Serious Dancers Feat. Alexandra Savvidi - Meera [Melody Of the Soul]
03Matias Carafa & Cristian Antonioni - June [Future Avenue]
04Oliver Harper - Strawberry Thief [The Soundgarden]
05Mike Rish - District [Lost & Found]
06Sébastien Léger - Ariana [Lost Miracle]
07John Drummer - Listen to Me (Domingo + Loveclub Remix) [Stellar Fountain]
08Return To Saturn - Colours [Soundteller]
09Kamilo Sanclemente - Go Home [All Day I Dream]
10Dmitry Molosh - Watercolor [Proportion]
11Peter Makto - Unfulfilled Love [Zenebona]
12DSF - Feel Like Home [COYA MUSIC]
13Maty Owl - It's Getting Messy [Where The Shadow Ends]
14Clyve - Lights at Night [Sudbeat]
15Ilias Katelanos - Belong [Flug Lab]
16Ias Ferndale & Aurel den Bossa - Agua Blancas (Molac Remix) [Bekool]
17Bondarev & Dowden - Tranquility (Ruben Karapetyan Remix) [One Of A Kind]
18Greenage - Beauty Of The Past [Tale & Tone]
19Nehli & Hena - Solstice (Greg Ochman Remix) [Everything Will Be OK]
20Tommy Orellano - Heal The Soul (Alley SA Remix) [Nature Rec]

CHART - December 2022

01Krasa Rosa - Uletai [Melody Of the Soul]
02PROFF - Nibbana (Volen Sentir's Pink Sky Retouch) [Monstercat]
03DNA presents - Ecstasy (Dimitri Nakov & Limara Remix) [Bedrock]
04JAMIIE - Unfold Me (Annett Gapstream Remix) [Watergate]
05Diplo & Mat.Joe Feat. Toto Bona Lokua - Conga Rock (Davi Remix) [Higher Ground/Mad Decent]
06G.Pal - 3rd Of July (Simon Vuarambon Retouch) [Shanti Radio]
07Dmitry Molosh - Butterfly [WARPP]
08Bona Fide & Luka Sambe - Ironic [TRYBESof]
09Traumhouse - Missing Someone [Where The Shadow Ends]
10Nareg - Rise And Expand [Peace Symphonies]
11Fran Garay - Deductions [Mango Alley]
12Nicolas Viana - Midnight Memories [Flug Lab]
13Tomek & Monofade - The Sun Goes Down [Genesis]
14Greg Ochman - Fullfilment (Alberto Hernandez (MX) Remix) [Songuara]
15Mitch Oliver & Nic Falardeau - Mylus (Madraas Remix) [Kindisch]
16Jonathan Rosa Feat. Kyla Millette - Daylight (Dee Montero Remix) [Mirrors]
17Ric Niels - Reasons [Particles]
18GMJ - Into Fruition (RIGOONI Remix) [Deep Down Music]
19Joaco Salerno & Augusto Dassano - Empire Of Light (Mattim Remix) [Droid9]
20Fabreeka - Dream Path [Meanwhile Horizons]

CHART - November 2022

01Volen Sentir - Mimoraya (V-Mix) [Anjunadeep]
02Madraas - Vida (mredrollo Remix) [Where The Shadow Ends]
03DSF - Yes, Of Course [Peace Symphonies]
04Luka Sambe - Tesselate [Melody Of the Soul]
05Gorje Hewek - Solovey [Peace Symphonies]
06Kamilo Sanclemente - The Last Mermaid (Lio Q Remix) [Droid9]
07Pantera - Terra [Pipe & Pochet]
08Return To Saturn - Soulful Memories [Amulanga]
09DJ Zombi - 604 Diary (Hobin Rude Remix) [Beat Boutique]
10Damian Saint - Savina (Westseven Beat The Syndrome Remix) [Soul De Anima]
11Caribou - Can‘t Do Without You (Slow Hearts Rework) [White Label]
12Elliot Moriarty - Don't Confuse Kindness With Weakness [INTU]
13Mango & Phonic Youth & Meeting Molly - Iceland [Meanwhile Horizons]
14Leon Lobato - Far Blue (Edu Schwartz Remix) [3rd Avenue]
15Guy J - Small Alarms (Emotional Tourist Revisit) [White Label]
16Emi CA & Lavonz Feat. Rainbowstalin - Like a Stone [Graba Music]
17Michael Simon & Dj Kid - Sapphire [Songuara]
18Stefano Richetta - My Bird [Click Records]
19Plecta - Angelonia [Tale & Tone]
20Máximo Lasso - Fara [One Of A Kind]

CHART - October 2022

01Tim Green - Tears [All Day I Dream]
02Sébastien Léger - Extassy [Lost & Found]
03Black 8 - Bleeding Heart [QuantumusiQ]
04Edith Whiskers - Home (EANP Unofficial Remix) [White Label]
05Sebastian Haas & Ignacio Corazza - Estrella Del Alba [Mango Alley]
06Stereo Express - Monfragüe [Cercle]
07Kamilo Sanclemente & Giovanny Aparicio - Innocense (Triucid Remix) [Proton Music]
08Ezequiel Arias and Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor - Meloram [Melorama Música]
09Mike Griego - Flying Doves [Replug]
10Ias Ferndale & Aurel Den Bossa - The Sky Is Red (Florian Gasperini Remix) [Univack]
11Jose Tabarez - Above the Clouds (LOSTIN X Foletto Remix) [Stripped Recordings]
12Graziano Raffa - Marginal Value [Sudbeat]
13Gadi Mitrani - Gone (Alex O'Rion Remix) [Balance]
14Andre Moret & Mariusso - Inversions [Droid9]
15NILU (DK) - Fremtid (GRIFE Remix) [Zatar Music]
16MiraculuM - Aetheris (Erdi Irmak Remix) [Stellar Fountain]
17Peshta Gora - Sea of Calm [Keyfound]
18Enigmatic & Rafa'EL - Pozytyvka [Melody Of the Soul]
19Molac - Jahuay [Songuara]
20Taleman - Meaning of Live [Where The Shadow Ends]

CHART - September 2022

01Sebastian Sellares - Renaissance [Proportion]
02Enamour - Cause and Affection [Anjunadeep]
03Bona Fide - Entropy [All Day I Dream]
04Bodaishin - Love Story [Do Not Sit On The Furniture]
05Greg Ochman - Hili [Kiksuya]
06Eduardo McGregor & AlbePt - To Kill a Mockingbird [Songuara]
07Facundo Mohrr - The Snake Poetry [TRYBESof]
08Missus & Hobin Rude - Contrariorum [The Soundgarden]
09E.F.G. - Temple (Dulus Remix) [Stellar Fountain]
10TEELCO - Fading Memories [The Purr]
11Kamilo Sanclemente - A Lonely Pink Cloud [Ruvenzori]
12Mario Franca - Freedom of Choice [Keyfound]
13Federico Monachesi - Alborz [One Of A Kind]
14Emi CA & Luman - Rose [Univack]
15Momo Khani - Paradise Lost (Not Demure Remix) [Hazy Days]
16La Vue - Planet N [3rd Avenue]
17Christopher Hermann - Cazibe (Drekaan's Daydream Mindset Remix) [Stellar Fountain]
18St.Ego - Magic Obsession (N'Pot Remix) [Bekool]
19Nyvs - Retroactive Reality [Ready Mix Records]
20Namatjira - Kainani [Quantum Feels]